• The Prisoner Issue
    September 2016 #32
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    • the lost years Power-walk with Daniel McGowan, former Earth Liberation Front political prisoner. Photo: Luis Nieto Dickens.

    • fat girl friendships laura marie marciano reflects on the magic that comes with being present with other fat women.

    • mother of materialism! we sat down with author of caliban and the witchto talk about how the legacy of wages for housework is still relevant today.

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    Table Of Contents

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    Daniel McGowan
    Read the news
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    Personal Essays by Randon Rosenbohm

    Me, Consuming the News

    First-hand accounts filling my feed, what's a girl to do?

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    #FreeBlaq According to their social media and friends, Blaqstarr is being held in a Baltimore jail without bail.

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    4ever Yung by yung costanza

    A Successful Day

    I wear a T-shirt and sweatpants every day, is this what making it looks like?

    Erika kayne mix art 6

    Not Sorry The latest mix from DJ Erika Kayne gets in your face and stays there – and you'll love every minute of it.

    Agbrown mask

    En Rogue by Alex G. Brown

    Wash Your Face with This Gross Shit and You‘ll Be Young Forever

    Here‘s a list of beauty products that should be defunct, either because they are needlessly expensive or heinous in general.

    Mexicos prison

    How the war on drugs is spreading mass incarceration to Mexico and beyond.

    The Shifting Purpose of Prisons

    by Nasim Chatha


    World is a Riot BALASA’s debut EP Teri Duniya takes you by the hand through the flames of despair.

    The trials of muhammad ali 1920x830

    watch revisit this beautifully intense poem by Muhammad Ali on the anniversary of the Attica riot.

    Oberstown dublin prison riot edit
    Ash web

    This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

    Nutcracker Man Lives Up to His Name, Kicks Cops Where the Sun Don’t Shine

    Brave de-arrest attempts at West Indian Day Parade, youth prisoners get things popping, and a US prison strike is underway.

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    Follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall, #prisonstrike.

    Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike

    by Ripley Soprano

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    How outside support can impact the outcome of prison struggles.

    Rebellion and Reprisals

    by Ben Turk

    Screen shot 2016 09 06 at 1.13.12 pm

    My disordered eating and desire to take up less space were both unhealthy manifestations of gender nonconformity.

    Not Eating

    by Angel Archer

    Cameos sept 2016

    Cameos: Alyssa O., Fantasia Young, and Sean D. Henry Smith share their fundamentals for living the good life.

    Colin kaepernick socks

    ICYMI: NFL player Colin Kaepernick made an FTP fashion statement at the 49ers training camp on Thursday.

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    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    September 2016

    As Mercury stations in retrograde, Virgo season is all about asking the harder questions. But are you ready?

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    Letters by Raven Rakia

    Fire to the Prisons

    It’s looking a lot like it was in the 1970s and just in time, here is the Prisoners Issue.

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