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    Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike

    The Prisoner Issue
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    Prisoners rioted at Florida Holmes Correctional Institution this past Wednesday night

    Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike

    Follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall.

    Perhaps you've heard things are heating up inside prisons and jails across the country today.

    After a call to action to end slavery in America by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) with “Let the Crops Rot in the Fields,” and tireless organizing on the part of IWW-IWOC, FAM, and other prisoner solidarity groups, people on the inside are leading a national work-stoppage on this, the anniversary of the 1971 Attica prison uprising.

    There is so much to say, but as events continue to unfold, we've opted to try to collect as many links to live coverage as possible. We'll be updating this article indefinitely, so keep smashing refresh.

    Live Updates from Inside the Strike

    “Sept 9, all prisoners at Holman Prison refused to report to their prison jobs without incident. With the rising of the sun came an eerie silence as the men at Holman laid on their racks reading or sleeping. Officers are performing all tasks.”

    • 1:30PM EST: Free Alabama Movement publishes press release on the nationwide prison workstrike

    • 2:30PM EST: South Carolina Prisoners release list of demands

    • 3:54PM EST: North Carolina Reports via IWW-IWOCC relay information from inside prisons:

    "Many prisoners are hitting from NC saying they did not go to work, but like most places are being drowned out by the people who are timid and did go to work. No actual lockdowns in state reported. Just the usual lockups of suspected ring leaders or lockdown in cells until further notice."

    • 4:47PM EST: Kansas Chelsea Manning is on hunger strike.

    • 5:00PM EST: New York MDC Brooklyn facility is dismissing calls from people giving support to those inside, including the Bx120, a group of 120 teenagers who were entrapped and arrested in the Bronx for alleged gang activity. Many are encouraging that faxes be sent instead. More info here.

    • 6:17PM EST: California Reports from inside Central California Women’s Prison:

    “A few women incarcerated people refused to work and because of the nationwide prison strike, and fear of an uprising, the prison was locked down stopping ALL slave labor!”

    “IWOC members at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women in Virginia are among those participating in the #PRISONSTRIKE today. if you want to call the prison to support the strikers, dial (434) 984-3700 and let them know how you feel!”

    September 10

    "...the warden here told all the supervisor if any inmate don't report cause of the movement they charging with inciting a riot and locking them up ... [the news of the strike] came to us on a short notice and the ones like me really upset cause they not laying down for what is right but then we can't cause we just got word Sunday of this ... [let me know ahead of time in the future] I'm really for it"

    • South Carolina A prisoner reported to friends at IWW-IWOC on repression on the inside:

    "They snatched a few of my people up last night, locked up and transferred. I'm on lockdown in unit with a few others until Monday. Most prisons here are in normal operations, outside of the key people being searched and locked down. The prison officials tactics of hitting us seems to have put fear in many of the others. We're going to organize earlier and educate better the next time here in SC. They are ready, just too late in the game for many to REALLY understand the WHYS?!?! My people has taken the hardest hit. But what I do know is that it has started something... Waiting on reports from GA and NC."

    • 3:05PM EST: South Carolina A maximum-security prison is on lockdown after a riot involving a group of 10 prisoners, according to a state senator. But, IWW-IWOC reports that it was closer to 30 prisoners who participated in a shutdown of the Perry Correctional Institution.

    September 11

    As of today, there's a rumor that there will be an IWOC chapter (aka IWW branch) forming in a prison in the south in the very near future.

    • 8:38AM EST: Texas ItsGoingDown.org shared some words from Billy, a prisoner striking in Texas:

    So family something is going to happen across this great nation. (yeah right), on September 9th of 2016.

    There is a call for a nation-wide work stoppage for many reasons but to bring to light what’s going on. Slave Labor People, when TDC is part of the stock market due to our labor and skills we get nothing.
    So if you will remember back in 1971, New York Attica Prison Rebellion was the day it begun, even though it only lasted 5 days on the 13th. State troupers fired and both guards and inmates were killed.
    Keep it peaceful but lay it down. Just quit please, I beg you all. It’s not just our backs they’re making money off of. It’s our family also. Those who have to send money for us to survive in here, remember survive not spend every night while others around you don’t have soap or deodorant or basics. So while you’re pointing your finger at the dude in the shower with no shoes on, its because he or she is working his ass off for your and the system for free.

    I hate to admit it but I know in my soul that shitty ass Texas will keep on doing what they do. But Billy ain’t.
    You heard me say it before, I’m tired and I just can’t believe this chance will pass those by without even a thought.
    Living like this is not normal and I just can’t resign myself to thinking any different.

    It’s people like… Assata Shakur. She once said,

    “People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to actually be aware of being a slave.”

    • 6:00PM EST: Michigan At the Kinross Correctional facility hundreds of prisoners took part in a march inside the prison. According to one article:

    MDOC spokesperson Chris Gautz says 400 inmates began marching Saturday at 8:50 a.m. The protest was held to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Attica Correctional Facility riots in New York. Officials and staff at the prison had the inmates back in their housing units at 12:30 PM. According to the Detroit Free Press, 150 of the 1,200 inmates were transferred to other facilities. Some housing units were damaged and a small fire was reportedly set while prison staff removed these inmates. Emergency response teams and officers from other prisons were sent to Kinross to help restore order. No injuries were reported.

    Another report said:

    Prisoners at Kinross Correctional Facility in the Upper Peninsula turned violent Saturday and trashed their housing units, starting a small fire, smashing sinks, and breaking at least one window, Corrections Department spokesman Chris Gautz confirmed.

    A spokeswoman for the Michigan Corrections Organization, the union representing corrections officers, said the incident was even more serious than that, with multiple fires set and two housing units left unlivable.

    Gautz said the prison near Kincheloe was calmer this morning after about 150 of the roughly 1,200 inmates — those seen as instigators of the disturbances — were removed and bused away to other prisons.

    No prison staff or inmates were injured, Gautz said, but non-custodial staff was evacuated Saturday afternoon and emergency response teams and other extra officers from nearby prisons were on the scene helping to restore order.

    Anita Lloyd, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Corrections Organization, said “this was not an average, peaceful demonstration that anyone can brush off.”

    • Florida Franklin Correctional is on lockdown, no calls.

    • Florida Gulf CI and Holmes CI are on lockdown. But, Apalachee East & West are not on lockdown – but are on high alert. Tomoka CI is on High Alert with guards on stand by. Tomoka has bagged up food in case the prisoners decide to join in.

    • Minnesota St. Cloud was under lockdown.

    • Indiana Miami Correctional Facility's Unit P on lockdown.

    • Washington Clallam Bay was on lockdown.

    • California Women in Merced jail continue to take action and face repression. From a supporter:

    Merced County & John Latorraca Jails inmates participating in this Hunger Strike are on Administrative Lockdown. Yesterday block 1 of Merced County Jail had corrections officers lined up to shoot, they threatened to shoot and brought dogs in threatening to unleash them upondetainees. Inmates were pulled out of there cells by force and after searches placed back into their cells.

    September 12

    • 8:33AM EST: Michigan From what people are saying in a MI family of prisoners support group, at Kinross in Kincheloe MI "big wigs" served breakfast yesterday and there are 2 days of sandwiches that have been made up.

    • 10:12AM EST: Scanner audio has been leaked from inside Kinross prison in Michigan where a fire and attempted escape took place on September 10.

    • 4:35PM EST: Australia 11 youth inmates took over Melbourne Youth Justice Centre with weapons. Staff used a couch and a desk to barricade themselves inside an office area. Apparently, damage included smashed windows, broken doors and locks. Report revealed assaults on detention staff members were up 20 per cent. According to the DailyMail:

    "Parkville centre staff said on Friday night hooligans in black balaclavas were outside letting off firecrackers and flares shouting, 'Free da boys,' The Herald Sun reported."

    • 5:07 EST: Nebraska Update received via IWW-IWOC:

    "Well the unit has done our best in a peaceful protest. As of about 8:30 pm on September 8th, all but a handful of the inmates in the unit placed paper over their windows in order to block the view of the staff. This was in response to the news that other units have been let off lock down status while we remain on lock down.We where told via memo that staff received information that indicated that there would be serious attacks on staff. The first memo was put out at the 4:00pm count on September 2. It stated the above and said that the issue would be reviewed on Tuesday September 6th. On September 6th we received another memo stating that the lock down would continue through the 9th. On Thursday September 8th, inmates from the unit observed inmates from other units going to and from the chow hall, as well as inmates from another unit using their mini yard for outdoor rec. When inmates asked staff what was going on we were told that we were not complying to orders fast enough, and therefore posed a threat. In our unit, there had been no issues what so ever over the weekend and up to the Tuesday memo. AFTER the Tuesday memo, inmates became upset with the lack of communication between the administration and the inmate population.There where 3 inmates taken off the unit for staying in the shower too long and or not going back to their cells fast enough for the staff pleasure. Those inmates were brought back to the unit within the hour. Later that day staff came and took two inmates to the hole for reasons unknown to me at this time.But it should be noted that it is very common for inmates in this unit to go to the hole and/or to confront staff; it is safe to say that it is very much a part of normal operation in the unit. For the week leading up to this show of unity by the inmates there has been no attempt whatsoever to upset the administration’s investigation. Inmates in the unit asked to speak with either warden, starting shortly after the memo was put out on Tuesday the 6th. With no response, inmates covered their windows, stating that we will not uncover them until we speak to one of the wardens. At around 9:00pm on September 8th, staff came around to every cell with an electric shock shield and made a forced entry into each cell to remove the coverings on the windows. As soon as staff did so, each cell replaced the coverings and staff had to repeat the process again later that evening. Once again inmates replaced the coverings. It is now 11:00 am on September 9th and as of right now many of the inmates still have their windows covered and are waiting to talk with the wardens. One warden came and spoke with a hand-selected group of inmates in the unit. He said that they had erred in putting out a memo that did not explain what it was that they had planned. We were told that we were going to receive 40 minutes out off our cells, with 4 cells out at a time today, and tomorrow we would progress to an hour, then on Monday they would review our status. The first set of cells were out for the 40 minute time slot when an inmate assaulted a staff member, which in turn put the unit back on lock down. It is now about 4:00 pm and we have just been told that we are now getting 20 minutes out to shower and use the phone etc, this time only two cells at a time. For the record: no other units were put on lock down during or after that assault except this unit, which shows that even with good behavior, this unit will be treated differently than the others."

    September 13

    • 9:30AM EST: Ohio The Free Ohio Movement spread this message via Facebook:

    "[We] received several calls today from Lucasville and the Ohio State Penitentiary on September 12, 2016, 3 days after the National Strike against Prison Slavery. Hunger Strikes are underway at both prisons in protest of inhumane conditions, unsafe working conditions, revocation of privileges without provocation and because their rights of redress are being ignored. In retaliation for their stand with the National Strike to End Prison Slavery, held on September 9, 2016, the administrators are removing our Confined Citizens from their work details and threatening to take away their Contact Visits. We need action on this right away. We were afraid this might happen. September 9, 2016 was a peaceful non violent protest. We at the Freedom Movement stand with all Confined Citizens in the state of Ohio, in their struggle to be treated humanely and with dignity and respect.
    Please call, email, fax and mail your letters of solidarity to the following administrators at the Ohio Department of Corrections. Let them know the entire state, nation and world is watching and that we demand there be no harm brought against our Brothers & Sisters behind bars, and that their jobs, food, amenities, rights and privileges not be tampered with, nor altered.

    Contact CGary Mohr, Ohio Department of Corrections Director, 614-752-1150, Email: drc.publicinfo@odrc.state.oh.us, Phone Number: 614-387-0588, Mailing Address: 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 Fax Number: 614-752-1171.
    David Bobby, OSP Warden, Phone: 330-742-0700, Fax 330-743-0841,
    Mailing Address: 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road Youngstown, Ohio 44505
    Scott Nowak, OSP Correctional Program Specialist Email Scott.Nowak@ODRC.STATE.OH., U-S Phone Number: 330-743-0700 Extension 2437,
    Ronald Erdos Warden, Southern Ohio Correctional, Facility Phone: 740-259-5544, Fax: 740-2529-2282, Email: Larry.Greene@odrc.state.oh.us, & dtc.socf@odrc.state.oh.us, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45699, Lucasville, Ohio 45699"

    • 10:43AM EST: Michigan About 150 prisoners have been relocated from an Upper Peninsula correctional facility after staging a protest.

    • 1:56PM EST: France Dozens of prisoners at a prison in central France escaped from their cells and rioted on Monday, September 12, after stealing the keys of a warden, prison sources said.

    • 6:30PM EST: Florida According to the Miami Herald, Kimberly Schultz, president of Teamsters 2011, the union representing FDC’s officers spoke about the five riots that took place in Florida prisons in the past week, saying: “These riots will continue to increase in frequency, increasing the likelihood that our corrections officers will be injured." She's not wrong.

    September 14

    • 8:27AM EST: South Carolina A video was leaked on a prisoner describing being locked inside their cell for four days with very little access to food at Broad River Correctional. Another video was released of the cornmeal the prisoners are being fed with bugs running all over it.

    • 9:40AM EST: Kansas Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike after the Army agrees to her demand of allowing her to receive gender-affirming surgery.

    • 4:51PM EST: Everywhere According to IGD, more than 24,000 prisoners in over 29 facilities took off work on September 9. That's huge. IDG writes:

    "The facilities experiencing full shutdowns that we know about hold approximately 24,000 prisoners. There are probably thousands more who didn’t work that we don’t know about, yet. Many are still are not working today and intend to continue the strike until their demands are satisfied or the prisons break under the economic strain of operating without their slaves."

    • We found this Twitter that somebody, we think it's a prisoner, is using to communicate with folks on the outside.

    September 15

    • 4:50PM EST: Alabama Free Alabama Movement releases a theme song. Take a breath and listen.

    September 16

    • 9:24AM EST: California Updates have been released from inside Merced Jail on the hunger strike by prisoners on the inside. According to IGD, the current demands of the hunger strikers are varied, but include an end to solitary confinement of juvenile inmates, the immediate firing of Lt. Moore (one of the Sheriffs seen as directly responsible for carrying out many acts of brutality), a demand for 2,000 calories a day diet, access to basic program, and the end to prisoners in protective custody handling other inmates food, clothing, and other items. Prisoners released a statement calling for one of the CO's to be fired:

    Lt. Moore should be FIRED, demoted or removed from working within the jail facilities. Cease and desist his continued harassment and abusive treatment of inmates. The environment with which Lt. Moore has created is hostile and dangerous for both corrections staff and inmates.

    And also spoke about the escalation of the repressive lockdown in place at Merced:

    The correctional staff have placed the participants on lockdown effective until tomorrow morning. 1:49 p.m. Sgt. Spangler just went into 1 Block (Merced County Jail) with a camera stating that the detainees have ‘mandatory yard’ and if they DO NOT dress out to go they will be stripping them of privileges. 1 Blocks yard days are on Mondays and today is Thursday. This is a tactic to force the participants to cease the 1st Amendment protected right to peacefully protest.

    September 18

    • 8:59AM EST: Arizona Support Prisoner Resistance reports prison lockdowns in Arizona started on September 14.

    • Alabama Free ALabama Movement dispatches news from the inside of Holman prison:

    A serious humanitarian crisis is developing at Holman prison as correctional officers continue to walk off of the job amid concerns about safety and apathy from Warden Terry Raybon and the office of ADOC Commissioner Jefferson S Dunn, as violence, including deadly stabbings and assaults continue to mount.

    Several officers expressed dismay and fear after learning that two of their fellow officers, Officer Brian Ezell and another officer, reported to Warden Raybon that they had knives drawn on them and their lives threatened, and that neither Warden Raybon, nor Commissioners Jeff Dunn and Grantt Culliver would take any action to ensure their safety. Both of these officers then quit.

    Several other officers have also quit in the past three weeks after witnessing a stabbing of a fellow officer in the temple and who had remained hospitalized with life threatening injuries until he was pronounced dead earlier today. This after a former warden, Carter Davenport, was stabbed in March amidst back to back riots and other violence at Holman.

    Now, after seeing Warden Raybon release approximately 20 people from segregation on September 13, 2016, most of whom were all in segregation for violent incidents (only to see several stabbing take place, including one critically injured and another losing an eye), a total of eight more officers have either quit or turned in their two week notices. Officers are expressing concern that the Commissioners of the ADOC are intentionally exacerbating violence at the expense of human life in efforts to push forward their plan to extort the public for 1.5 billion to build new prisons in next years Legislative Session.

    Officers have began to express support for the Non-Violent stance of FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT and their efforts to expose corruption, violence and other issues plaguing Holman and other Alabama prisons, and have went so far as to make repeated requests to Warden Raybon for the release of F.A.M. co-founder and organizer Kinetik Justice from solitary confinement, because officers now feel that he is being wrongfully detained and because he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to conduct peaceful demonstrations at Holman prison to bring attention to issues within the ADOC and Holman prison.

    We are asking that everyone call Commissioner Dunn and Warden Raybon and demand that they post daily reports of the staffing levels and incidents of violence taking place at Holman as a matter of public safety.

    We are further requesting assistance in finding a Human Rights attorney and human rights observers to report to Holman immediately, as the level of violence is skyrocketing, and the men at Holman are left in a virtual war zone to fend for themselves, while officers continue to walk off the job in what is already the most understaffed prison in America. Officers are so afraid to enter the dorms that routine security functions like conducting count are being done by the incarcerated men themselves, and video footage attesting to this fact are widely available online and across social media.

    Family members of those incarcerated at Holman are requested to callCommissioner Dunn and Culliver continuously, and demand that their loved ones be immediately removed from Holman, as there are insufficient officers to secure the prison.

    Warden Terry Raybon
    Holman Correctional Facility
    Commissioner Jefferson Dunn
    Commissioner Grantt Culliver
    334-353-3883 (switchboard operator)

    • California Supporters report another block at Merced joins hunger strike:

    Block 4 of the Merced County Jail has joined this #HungerStrike in solidarity with their people!!!! This is what tackling the criminalization of our people looks like!

    Another update said:

    Reporting from Inside. 7th Day of National Prison Strike to Abolish Slavery:

    Many prisoners that were initially locked down in Secure Housing units are being released back to the mainlines, in some states. JLS is sure that the list is longer in regards to those that have received institutional charges for not working, or remain lockdown in their units.

    No strike leaders or state leaders have given a formal announcement that the strike has ended where they are located. JLS striking members report to be placing more focus on educating (politicizing) the local prisoners on the 13th, and preparing (by coordinating inside/out) for the Historic Demonstration on Washington. The time is ripe for this next phase. Re educating the entire country and world on one platform to Abolish the 13th. We’re up against 151yrs of mass indoctrination. In the process its time to organize to hit Congress harder.
    As prisoners continue the strike inside, our supporters outside must not lose focus. Those inside very lives may depend on it. Salute to the Freedom Movement (Free Us All)
    Salute to the Resistance Movement
    Salute to the street protesters
    Salute to the strikers (known and unknown)
    Salute to all that are with us!
    We won’t stop,
    We can’t stop!
    JLS will continue to push hard until this system is dismantled!

    September 20

    • 9:00AM EST: Alabama Free Alabama Movement releases a statement updating us on the state of things at Holman prison:

    ​On Saturday September 17, 2016, the men at HOLMAN CF held the 1st UNIVERSAL PEACE & UNITY SUMMIT in which it was established that there would be a “NO STAND OFF POLICY”. All street organizations (Bloods, Crips, Growth n Development and SB’s) have vowed to respect the policy for the sake of all men housed at Holman. Since then there has been No Violence.

    FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT has taken on the responsibilty to provided protection for one another and to resolve all disagreements-as the ADOC has abandoned their duty and responsibilty.

    So if you have a loved one at Holman prison, you should be demanding answers from Commissioner Jeff Dunn and his staff. 334-353-3883

    • Oregon On Sept. 9th several prisoners at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution (DRCI) in Madras Oregon were placed on a preemptive lock-down to repress potential striking activity. Similarly all of the inmate kitchen workers were placed in the hole.

    Prisoners at DRCI are reporting that the administrations Food Service Coordinators are systematically employing methods which put the health and safety of inmates at risk. Inmates report that DRCI is serving under-cooked food despite being told by inmate kitchen staff that it is not ready and using unsanitary food substitutes to save money and ensure bonuses from superiors. Inmates also report the prison using food products marked to be unfit for human consumption and that are expired, using rotten and moldy food along with not serving inmates full portions. Inmates report that these practices are occurring on a daily basis. Prisoners are asking that folks call in and express their support.

    September 21

    • 11:20AM EST: Alabama Kinetik Justice, joins Democracy Now! by phone from solitary confinement in Holman Correctional Facility, says:

    "...we are engaged in a struggle for our life, a freedom struggle, with the conditions and so forth. And in all means, a war, you know, warfare, you use what tools are available to you. And in this struggle for freedom, justice and equality, we’re doing just that. We’re using every tool available to us to get the maximized effect."

    “I would like you and supporters to know that there was a symbolic protest at Washington Correctional Center for Women in Gig Harbor on September 9. Three women refused to go to work in the prison library. The emergency response team was dispatched and the women were taken to Segregation. At their hearing last week, they were given 20 days in seg, and are facing reclassification and probably the loss of their jobs. In my opinion, this was a peaceful, non-violent expression of their opinions meant to draw attention to the issue of prison labor, and the response was much more disruptive than the event itself. The library has been closed since September 9. According to DOC, this was the only action in the entire state of Washington.”

    Just ten minutes ago members of the riot team and warden entered c dorm and attempted to confiscate a cellphone from a prisoner and whole c dorm rose up and forced them out of c dorm. The resistance at Holland prison in Alabama is strong. Fuck the police! 9/21/16 /2:48

    • 8:17PM EST: Everywhere Reports are circulating about how many people have participated in the strike as of yet, and how many facilities have been disrupted. As always, this is is only what we know but that much more is likely going on in the dark behind the prison gates. Here's what folks are saying:

    As of 9/21 we have tracked 46 prisons and jails that experienced some kind of disruption between September 8 and 21st. This total includes both lockdowns reported by officials (some of whom deny that the lockdown was protest related) and reports of protests from prisoners and supporters (some of which did not lead to lockdowns or full strikes).

    Of these, 31 facilities experienced a lock-down, suspension or full strike for at least 24 hours. Those 31 facilities house approximately 57,000 people. That is a guess at the minimum number of prisoners affected by the nationally coordinated strike.

    There is likely much more going on behind the prison gates that we do not yet know about. We receive new information on a daily basis. In some places the strike lasted a day or a weekend, but in some, it seems to be going strong 12 days in.

    September 22

    • 7:30PM EST: California RT interviewed Victoria Castillo, an organizer with Free Merced.

    In case of video glitching, Castillo said:

    “Initially with the strike, they refused all consumption of food and all movement. They had boycotted court, their yard time, their visitation, all medical movement until something is changed. We had all sort of problems with inmates not properly triaged or being triaged and cleared from prison and then having to have extensive surgery for cancers and underlying medical conditions that were potentially life threatening as well as improper mental health evaluations.”

    September 23

    • 6:44PM EST: South Carolina From a prisoner in SC:

    "Hey I heard from Broad River Correctional. Thank everyone for calling. The guys finally did get showers and hot meals. Everyone knows its due to people calling in. The prison official complaining about why they can't be men and just take instead of having people call in complaining. Can you believe the nerves of these pigs?! Extending a thank you."

    So, there you have it, phone zaps to prison administrators aren not for naught. You can call in using this resource.

    • Wisconsin Some friends at Milwaukee's IWW chapter shared an excerpt from letter by prisoner at Green Bay Correctional Institution, received 9/2/16:

    "I stand with San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Collin Kapernick n siting down during the so called "National Anthem". I do not pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth. That cloth which represents the United Hypocritical States of America. Where separation between church and state is a talking point, because there is no separation. ...Let's look at where the injustice is: the policy makers, law enforcement leadership who target people."

    September 25

    • 2:45PM EST: Alabama A message was released by Kinetik Justice from Free Alabama Movement:

    In March of this year, the Sun of Kinetik was accused of stabbing Warden Davenport at Holman prison in Alabama. He was then shipped to Donaldson. He has since been assaulted, harassed, and tortured in Solitary Confinement. If you support FAM and the work we do then let Kinetik’s Sun know his sacrifices for change were not in vain. Those willing, drop him a postcard and those able, put a small donation on his books via the ADOC website.

    Amir “Jaja” Davis #268646
    G-4 WE Donaldson CF
    1000 Warrior Lane
    Bessemer, AL 35023

    September 26

    • 11:55AM EST: Alabama According to Free Alabama Movement and IWW-IWOC, the guards at Holman prison did not show up for work, and report that Warden Peterson was spotted pushing the meal cart this morning. We are getting news the the guards assigned to the second shift have been participating in a work strike since September 24. Stay tuned for more reports as this develops.

    • 6:55PM EST: South Carolina The Twitter being operated by prisoners on the inside is reporting on a death of an inmate at a South Carolina prison and the lack of media coverage. Reportedly, the entire South Carolina prison system is on lockdown at this time. Read more via the Twitter.

    September 27

    • 3:05PM EST: IGD interviewed a prisoner about the South Carolina rebellion at Turbeville C.I.:

    IGD: What facility erupted tonight?

    It erupted at Turbeville C.I. in SC. Tough guard got mad because prisoners didn’t obey a command.

    IGD: Why did things pop off? What happened?

    When the guard reached for their mace, they were surrounded and beat up.

    IGD: How did the guards react?

    When the other guards arrived like they were going to jump on the prisoners, everyone stood up and ran them out of dorm.

    IGD: How does this fit into everything else already happened in the facility around the prison strike etc?

    The strike news got us holding some long overdue conversations. The spirit of Attica is in the air.

    IGD: How can people support you?

    Help us by standing up for us in places we can’t go! I’m here for the people, the most oppressed…all the prisoners that feel as I do.

    • 7:52PM EST: Alabama Audio from Holman was released elaborating on what the guard strike is looking like as of yesterday.

    September 30

    October 1

    • 12:10AM: Alabama Free Alabama Movement's Kinetik Justice tweeted that guards at Holman are planning to quit their jobs en masse.

    • North Carolina A Twitter account reports from inside that two COS were stabbed and some prisoners have been transferred to maximum security facilities. Stay tuned for updates.

    The same Twitter account reports that there are conversations going on behind bars about how prisoner struggles are connected around the world.

    • 1:00AM EST: Alabama Free Alabama Movement has released a statement about the guard strike saying that all CO's are indeed quitting in the coming days:

    "Only 7 cars in the HOLMAN parking lot, only 3 officers for Death Row and Segregation, Officer just confirmed that it’s over, as all CO’s are quitting this coming week ~”We’re tired of them playing games with y’all and our lives. It doesn’t make any sense. You be safe Lil Brother.”

    Well they told me they had something planned, now I see what it is.

    The Administration has effectively ran their workforce off. Smh"

    • 3:00PM EST: Greece Prisoners in Greece have announced they are on strike:

    “From the prison of Korydallos in Greece, we the prisoners of the blocks C, D, A, respond to the day of action around the world in solidarity with the prisoners of the USA. Today we will not let the guards lock us up, in an action of solidarity.

    Across America, prisoners are in a huge struggle against slavery. In this fight, we join our voices. Nationality, religion, or any other differences will never be an obstacle to becoming a blow against the powers that keep us imprisoned. You are prisoners and we are prisoners, and we can only wish you good luck and contribute to your victory. It will be a victory for dignity and for all the prisoners around the world.”

    October 4

    • 11:00PM: Alabama Free Alabama Movement released a video:

    October 6

    • 5:00PM EST: Alabama DOJ says they'll investigate conditions at Holman.

    October 7

    • 11:00AM EST: A prisoner running a Twitter account from the inside responds to the DOJ investigation announcement:

    October 8

    • 11:OOAM EST: Ohio A prisoner in Ohio State Penitentiary, Siddique Hasan, among others, have reported being punished by guards and prison administrators for talking to reporters about strike organizing.

    October 10

    • 11:30AM EST: South Carolina Statewide lockdown of prisons ends today:

    • 12:00PM EST: California IWOC and other groups drop a report on the financial impact of the strike on the state of California.

    October 13

    • 11:42PM EST: Alabama Reports have surfaced that prison strike leader Kinetic Justice has been transferred from Holman to a different facility in an effort by prison administrators to break the strike.

    October 14

    • 12:25AM EST: Michigan Democracy Now! reports that 3 Michigan prisoners died within one month amidst the repressive lockdowns in prisons following the strike.

    • Alabama A video was released from inside prison discussing the conditions of state facilities:

    October 16

    • 10:00PM EST: A new publication about prison organizing is emerging called Unstoppable. Itsgoingdown.org did an interview with Fire Hawk, a queer femme prisoner, about the experiences of femme and women prisoners who are locked up in "men's facilities". Be sure to check it out.

    October 17

    For a detailed roundup on all of the solidarity actions on the outside from the first day f the strike and how they went down, please check out and follow IGD for more updates, also find information about this weekend's demonstrations in your area


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