• The Refuse Issue

    “why do i give you power / that you do not ask for?”

    The Refuse Issue
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    “why do i give you power / that you do not ask for?”

    Goon Soul’s new music video “Limerence” explores the gentle psychosis of involuntary infatuation.

    Caleb Kruzel’s voice shimmers through “Limerence” like in the midst of a transformation – perhaps from an old version of himself to something new. This fresh music video from Goon Soul is a trippy, shapeshifting expression of what it’s like to reconcile our past and move through the pain that comes with growth and loss.

    “I wanted use the opportunity to focus on my personal psychological experience as a queer adopted child,” Kruzel tells Mask via email, “as well as to explore and unpack certain painful experiences with mental illness and masculinity.”

    Created while in residence at Otion Front Studio in Brooklyn, New York, Kruzel continues to explore matters close to the heart, packaging them in ways that feel both offbeat and sincere. We’re happy to have premiered “Jones” from Goon Soul last year, and now “Limerence.” Check out his latest piece below:

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