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    This yeast monster grew inside me for months without me being aware of it. The longer candida lives inside you, the bigger it grows. It actually grows tentacles and spreads to other organs, including your brain.

    I Have a Yeast Monster inside of Me

    by Sheba Queen

    Ferguson poster small for web 2

    One Simple Way To Support #Ferguson. Donate money to support arrestees.

    Partymonster 2003

    In the mid-90s, drugs happened. Or, at least, we had become so used to them that witnessing drug-addled teens on film was possible. This newfound acknowledgement of teen rebellion not only brought on revelations of their lifestyle choices – signaled in films by raging parties, morning blur, and bad-influence friendships – but also their way of dress.

    Getting Dressed for Drugs

    by Alex G. Brown

    Myriahcover 2

    I’ve been obsessed with my body. How much I eat, how I look in clothing, how I look without clothing, my growing number of stretch marks. Most may find these thoughts ordinary or typical, but my obsession is not. At twenty three, I’m beginning to process the war I’ve waged against myself. I’ve also finally found a name for my obsession – Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). 

    My Obsessive Body: From Lethal to Lovely

    by Myriah Florence


    How to Make Better Decisions When Ordering at the Restaurant. To help you stop ordering salads at the diner, here are a few simple guidelines to follow when ordering at a restaurant.


    Small Plates by Olivia Starkie

    Life and Tacos in Bushwick

    You remember that you are hungry, but not hungry enough to cook so you get tacos for the third day in a row at the same place where your friend held your hand and the spice on your tongue makes you feel like nothing can go wrong nothing can go wrong nothing can. Go get some tacos, because they do make things better, if only for the ten minutes it takes you to devour them.


    If you had told me in high school, as I was juggling advanced placement classes and extra-curricular activities, that in a few years I’d be spending my days robbing people, getting high, and slowly killing myself, I would have told you to get your head checked. The truth is, I was in denial then. I had just been accepted to the college of my dreams and was set to graduate sixth in my high school class. But that didn’t stop me from partying.

    Front Row Seat to Hell and Back

    by Kimberly Nalen

    Thethread cover 2
    The Thread

    A young black man named Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri was shot many times and killed by a police officer on August 9 of this year. Here is my response to the phenomenon of “riot shaming” – the policing of young black and brown bodies in the aftermath of police murder.

    Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming

    by Tyler Reinhard

    Wrestling cover

    Wrestling is an extremely challenging sport. What many don't know is that the hardest part isn't necessarily actual combat, but making weight. “Making weight” refers to cutting down one or more weight classes from one’s already pressed natural weight. This gives the advantage of being above the weight class limit by the time a tournament begins. Matt Casciano did this a hundred times over ten years, and does not recommend it.

    Making Weight for Wrestling

    by Matt Casciano

    Critiquemydickpick option2
    Madeleine Holden

    Things to Do before the End of the Summer. Make the last few weeks count.

    Kate e macneill

    Sometimes I abstained from alcohol by consuming other substances — a form of harm reduction. I’ve never been to an AA meeting or been inside a rehabilitation center; as a general rule, I don’t like authoritative prescriptions, whether they regard how I relate to intoxicants, how I look at my intimate relationships, or how to talk to the cats.

    My Recovery, Three Years and Counting

    by Kate E. MacNeill

    Cover notebook

    Some of our August contributors. We asked some of our August contributors what they are reading, eating, and obsessing about right now.

    August horoscope

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    August 2014

    With Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all moving through Leo this month, we’ll have ample opportunities to dive a little deeper into questions about the self, including: What would we love to do, but are too embarrassed to pursue? Are there places in our hearts and minds that are unconquered by the logic of the marketplace? How do we combat cynicism?


    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    What Keeps Us Alive

    In this issue, we take a look at the complexities of substance use. People talk a lot about how cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and consumption habits kill us. What we talk about less is how these substances help us stay alive — even when they're toxic.

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