• The Swamp Issue

    Cameos: Alou, Alessandra Hoshur, Avry

    The Swamp Issue

    Cameos: Alou Minati, Alessandra Hoshor, Avry

    For our Swamp Issue this month we asked Alou, Alessandra, and Avry to tell us a little about their summer goals, the way they live, and for their sense of The South.

    Alou Minati

    What are your handles? @istayvoided on Instagram.

    Where are you from? I'm from Savannah, Georgia. My camper has been parked in Durham, North Carolina for some months now after a long while of traveling before. I'm not rooted here. I'm on the prowl to move somewhere else in the South.

    Signature style? Chains, bright makeup, mesh top, and overalls.

    Favorite item of clothing in your closet? My collars.

    Morning routine? I'm an esthetician so I'm really careful with my skin and start every morning by washing twice. I start my makeup routine with dipbrow and a smudge of liquid lipstick on my eyelids and from there it depends on my mood but usually a lot of color on my eyes and a dark lip. I use Rhonda Allison skincare. Her blemish pro complex saved my life ya'll. Other essentials are raw shea butter for my hair and Morphe eyeshadow palettes.

    What’s on your playlist right now? Felicia Atkinson, Abdu Ali, Kelela, Goodie Mob, Boosie, Camouflage. It's always different, but mostly noise I'm finding for the first time and rap I grew up listening to.

    Summer plans? Ride some trains and pull some scams.

    What does The South mean to you? I'm from the Deep South and my experiences coming up southern white trash have informed everything about who I am. I'm from a huge family of down-and-out Christian extremists and racists. I guess more than anything I refuse to separate myself from that history and my experiences rebelling against everything it represents. I have a deep pride for folks fighting racism and transphobia and otherwise fucking shit up in the South, the spaces created in that fight and the resilience you find here despite minimal resources.

    What have you been craving lately? Hot springs and skies clear enough to look at the stars.

    Swamp thoughts? So many of my favorite memories involve swamps. I know some folks find them scary but for me, the symphony of bugs trying to chomp ya, the scorching sun, and wide-winged birds swoopin' down for fish with families of gators piled on top of each other just feels right. Take one of those hokey tourist airboat tours if you're in the Everglades because seeing blankets of swampland all around you is worth the ten bucks.

    Any trends you want to see more? I don't know what's on trend but my style inspiration I wanna actualize this year is Bene Gesserit meets any one of the looks in Missy Elliott's “She's A Bitch” video meets a pair of thigh-high clear PVC platform boots.

    What’s missing from culture right now? A reprieve.

    What are you dreaming about these days? Crowd-funding a medical grade electrolysis machine and traveling around in my camper giving free treatments to folks that need them.

    Projects you’re really into right now? There's a lot of stuff going on in different communities I've been a part of but one that people can plug into online is Trans Assistance Project.

    Alessandra Hoshor

    Handles? I’m @wafelhous on Instagram and Tumblr, on the web at alessandrahoshor.us and pamelaandhersons.com

    Where are you from? I was born and grew up in Savannah, GA. I’ve been living in Atlanta for the past two and a half years.

    What’s your signature style? I like to wear green eyebrows sometimes, and orange eyeshadow most days. I tend towards unlabeled clothing in green, black, and red. I dress by color. I love a monochromatic look and layering more than anything.

    Do you have a morning routine? It’s been a little slow lately. I take B12 and drink tea. Giving up coffee for a while even though I love it. I really like tooth and gum tonic, it’s got red thyme and peppermint essential oils that make my mouth feel fancy.

    Your sign? I’m a Virgo sun with moon in Libra and an Aquarius rising. I sometimes think of it as the triangle of aesthetics and distance. I’m very drawn to fire signs.

    Favorite item of clothing in your closet? I have a Konami PES Pro Evolution Soccer scarf that is my favorite. I also have this silk navy pinstripe suit that my friend Alycia passed on to me that I love to play shows in.

    What does the South mean to you? There’s just something about the South. Heat and friction and friendliness? It's beautiful and complex and has been through a lot.

    What’s on your playlist right now? Yoko Ono, Björk, Galcher Lustwerk, Stefan Ringer, Yves Tumor, Wilted Woman, Bridget Feral, Sneaks, Boy Harsher, Liquid Asset, and Hype Williams. I’ve suddenly become a late bloomer Led Zeppelin and Heart fan. Nothing like 70s hard rock to give you the mood when you’re on the road.

    Summer plans or goals? I’m getting back into painting and video art. I’m going to be traveling with Hez Stalcup and Blake Beckham later this summer to perform a live score for their dance piece, FAILS. It’s a beautiful, funny, poignant work on failure.

    What’s your guilty pleasure? Memes.

    What’s missing from culture right now? Non-hierarchical and collaborative cultural endeavors.

    What are you dreaming about these days? Going swimming and my friends living in the same city somehow.

    Any people or projects you’re really into right now? I would like to hype Sequoyah Murray, Wilted Woman, Bridget Feral, DJ Schluct, TRNSGNDR/VHS, Boy Harsher, CELINES, Housefire and Ginko – to name a few. Also, No Lite (a collective organizing fundraising raves for arrested protesters) has been an incredible undertaking and resource in Atlanta.


    Handles and sites? Bitchcraft_420 on Instagram, @djbitchcraft on Twitter, and djbitchcraft on Soundcloud.

    Where are you from/grow up and where do you live now? I grew up near Philadelphia. Then I moved to Atlanta when I was 18. I’ve been residing in North Carolina for the past year with plans to move to NYC within the end of the year.

    What’s your signature style? Dysfunctional sporty cyber-dystopian.

    What’s your morning routine like? One Adderall pill followed by an entire French press. Then I do a little face cleanser, toner, and Paula’s Choice 2% BHA which is essential for anyone who is going through HRT. One banana strawberry peanut butter kale smoothie and 45 minutes dedicated to arching my eyebrows perfectly. Then I’m ready for my day.

    What are your thoughts on the swamp? They’re so ridiculously beautiful and powerful. Definitely my favorite type of nature.

    What does the South mean to you? I feel like I spent the most formidable years of my life in the South mainly in Atlanta. I don’t think I can ever separate who I am or why I do what I do without crediting Atlanta and the South for teaching me such things.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Me but richer.

    What do you want to do more of next year? Produce music that I love, collaborate with other DJs more, throw a rave or two, start a no wave punk band and go on tour(s).

    What’s your playlist right now? I generally don’t listen to playlists unless it’s for an upcoming gig. I do however listen to a lot of DJ mixes. Here are some of my current favorites:

    Trends that you'd like to see more of? I’ve been really into folks fucking around with makeup. Big on the misplaced eyelashes, sickly eye makeup, and blacking out teeth. Moving away from the ideal and boring beauty norms.

    Summer plans or goals? My summer is dedicated to seeing all my southern bbs and raging hard.

    What are you dreaming about lately? Freedom for my friends and me.

    Any people or projects you’re into right now? Major shouts outs to MRYLLH GOLD who has been a huge influence and creative force within Atlanta. Together, we threw some of my favorite parties. MRYLLH GOLD is currently a curator of Black Magic Labs and resident DJ with Morph ATL. Another major shout out to PlayPlay who resides in Durham, NC and is a resident DJ with Party Illegal. I wouldn't be anywhere without these two folks in my life.

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