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    May 2016 #28
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    • Where are you supposed to be right now, Darcie Wilder? Photo: Luis Nieto Dickens.

    • Dim Young Star Grace Dunham gets real about navigating the space between fame, and radical politics. Read the interview in full.

    • New native narrative rapper dio ganhdih’s “pussy vortex”, and the attitude she serves with it, goes hard. read the interview in full.

    • Write for Us Next month marks “The Depravity Issue” – read our writer’s page here.

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    Table Of Contents

    Ruby column may

    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    One Thousand Words for Skipping School

    Have kids always skipped? Ruby Brunton reflects on memories and hindsight.

    Darcie feature
    Darcie Wilder
    Screen shot 2016 05 30 at 7.23.11 pm

    Ayy Batta, batta! Swing, batta batta! A street preacher was shouting homophobic stuff outside a high school, he got clubbed with a bat.

    Kasai umd

    When growing up "young, gifted, and black" ends up in a decade of dropping out.

    School’s Out

    by Kasai Rex

    Screen shot 2016 05 29 at 5.22.33 pm

    The Pope watches beauty vlogs Francis met with Youtube stars and now he is encouraging the youths to become internet famous.

    Screen shot 2016 05 25 at 3.48.19 pm mowgkk

    Steamy! Ye Ali, Tommy Genesis, and Wes Period make up baby.daddi, and the trio just dropped a hot and heavy track by the same name.

    Screen shot 2016 05 27 at 1.25.46 am

    Petal and Peacocks This LA streetwear brand is for the kid who is little bit of Bardot with a look that says, you could kick the hell out of a football player.

    Sosoglos121113bwhr 71

    Kamikaze Punk band The So So Glos bring us a summer album, and it is killer.

    Screen shot 2016 05 26 at 4.07.48 pm

    Free Gucci After two years, the rapper Gucci Mane is out of prison.


    You get a dildo, you get a dildo! Sex toy boutique workers vote to unionize.

    Screen shot 2016 05 26 at 2.26.40 pm

    Who doesn't like a little dress up? Chilean students disguised as tourists crash Presidential Palace.


    this week in acab: Albuquerque kids stirred up some trouble yesterday outside of a rally for Donald Trump.

    Screen shot 2016 05 18 at 10.03.03 pm

    My boss make a dollar, I make a dime One Home Depot employee has gotten serious hate messages for wearing an ‘America Was Never Great’ cap.

    Screen shot 2016 05 18 at 3.28.16 pm

    Make a way out of no way Activist and thinker Reina Gossett speaks on navigating institutions that were not built for us, that were built to be “uninhabitable”.

    20160513 redbull 0048 grande

    Duty-Free African diasporic record label partners with Red Bull to release line of products for the NONcitizen.

    Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 4.50.34 pm

    Cult-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show is being re-made and guess who is playing the Doctor...

    Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 1.18.10 pm

    Both alike in dignity Mykki Blanco portrays the social war in new music video “High School Never Ends”.


    School, mental health, family, work, abuse ... when the truth is messy, it’s hard to be honest.

    The Truth Behind the Quiet

    by Bailey A

    Screen shot 2016 05 13 at 4.57.09 pm

    Violent Young Men Macy Rodman releases her highly anticipated video.

    Cameos may 2016 taj diamond amad

    Cameos Sipping on juice with Taj, Diamond, and Amad, talking trends, style, and secret cravings...

    Gewzer album art copy

    GEWZER’s Beautiful (G)LOVE(S) This debut album is full of bubbly sounds to get you out of bed and into the club.

    Screen shot 2016 05 11 at 12.17.22 pm

    "No longer be complicit in our own oppression" Alabama prisoners stay on strike, poise for escalation.

    Screen shot 2016 05 10 at 6.38.02 am

    Alien Body A Hackers-inspired hat, some cute-ass Nazca socks, and well, you can watch to find out more...

    Cuba kardashians 1

    Viva?! As the US embargo loosens its grip on the island, the Kardashians visit Cuba, and we hear that Fidel’s grandson is an aspiring model.

    Truant running

    Devin Kelly wonders: “How far can you run on broken bones?”

    What Breaks Never Heals

    by Devin Kelly

    Please dont stop me

    Rachel Rostad takes a trip through Lana Del Rey, Bruce Springsteen, and race in Americana

    Please Don’t Stop Me

    by Rachel Rostad

    Mask 03 edit

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    May 2016

    May 2016 It’s no coincidence that May Day happens when the Sun is in Taurus. Taurus insists on pleasure, rest, and abundance.

    1930412 1028818205656 644 n
    Screen shot 2017 04 13 at 11.17.59 pm

    Letters by Ripley Soprano

    Each One, Teach One

    What I learned as a truant student agitator about the limits of radical education.

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