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    Everything you need to know about the Earth opening up and swallowing your planets or the other way around.


    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.

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    Art by Kyle Mowat


    May 2016

    What would you do if you didn’t have to work? If there was no rent due, if food and medicine were easy to acquire? Who would you become if you didn’t have to improve yourself, struggling to adapt to cultural expectations shaped by neoliberal capitalism? Where would you direct your creative energy? How early would you get out of bed? What would you fill your days with?

    It’s no coincidence that May Day happens when the Sun is in Taurus. Taurus insists on pleasure, rest, and abundance. It defies the idea that we must always be in crisis, or even in a process of transformation. It asks us to attune to a slower pace, to simplify our field of focus. Moreover, while the world is full of memento moris (remembrances of death) we have to seek out memento vivendis (reminders to live). With four planets in Taurus this month, and two more Grand Earth trines in the week of the 10th, we have ample support for creating the lives we want. On the 9th, Jupiter (planet of partying till dawn and having brilliant schemes that cannot fail) goes direct, releasing some pent up momentum for leaping and joyous growth. Energy will shift on the 20th, so take the first three weeks of May to wallow and disport yourselves with all the muddy glee of hippopotami.

    As always, draw from these horoscopes a range of possibilities, ignoring whatever doesn’t resonate. For the best fit, the astro-literate should read their rising signs first, followed by the Sun and Moon signs. For more information about your month ahead or your whole damn future, get in touch for a reading or register for my Astrology 101 online class.

    “Bees, whose strength is small, carry with their feet a load reaped from the flowers; the mountain allures the cattle. A flock of birds settles; the green field re-echoes, where there is a brisk bright stream. A mad ardour is upon you to ride horses. A timid persistent frail creature sings at the top of its voice.”
    - Fragments from “May-Time,” Irish, author unkown, ninth or tenth century


    Slowness is a challenge for you, even if it comes bearing riches. Your challenge right now is to receive the increase and opportunities of this month without speeding away from them like a comet hellbent on its own glorious disintegration. Make your peace with stillness. Try being a solid instead of a gas. Let yourself begrudgingly enjoy and accumulate whatever material resources will improve your life.


    There’s a lot going in your sign this month, and all this activity can feel like the wave that swells you up above the squall, or a wind that fills your sails, or some other natural phenomenon that wafts you into those fabled lands of milk and honey. On the other hand, it could feel like the squall itself, a stressful gale instead of a zephyr. Your readiness is all. Direct these energies of abundant abandon toward a truer sense of your own shape: knowing clearly what you love, who you love, and how you love will help. Let your heart melt as your boundaries become firmer.


    Sometimes your course is clear. Sometimes even when it isn’t, your energy spins you out into several likely orbits, until you find your center of gravity. You’re accustomed to flight. This month, your best opportunities will come to you through another channel – subterranean, or even submarine. Like the small, blind animals that burrow through tunnels on instinct and hope, your questing spirit is busy underground. Late in the month and leading into the next, all this mysterious activity will burst forth and make itself known. Until then, trust that forces are conspiring for your benefit.


    Trust the instinct that draws you out of your house this month, and out of your immediate circle. The sweet and grumpy and tenderly difficult ways you have about you will find their best expressions in that rarefied air of world affairs. You are better at big ideas than you give yourself credit for. Your sensitivities and occasional snarls are not a barrier to entry. Relax about your credentials, and immerse yourself in the big picture, your biggest goals, your strongest principles. Don’t second guess that you know how to do what you’re here to do.


    The late, great Prince once admitted: “I had a massive ego. Massive. But that's not such a bad thing. Because at least you're aspiring to be something, you consider yourself great because you want to be great.” Unless you’re in deep denial, Leo, there’s something you aspire to be great at. Where you get hung up is the quest to earn recognition and esteem as proof of your greatness. Returning again to Prince, he offers this wisdom: “I don't really care so much what people say about me because it usually is a reflection of who they are. For example, if people wish I would sound like I used to sound, then it says more about them than it does me.” This month, achieve greatness, without caring who’s paying attention.


    On the commuter train of your life, you’ve spent the last few months backed up waiting for a signal change while freight trains bearing coal and chemicals and crusty punks to painfully distant destinations. That signal is now shining, long and bright. Your track is clear. Expect a burst of powerful momentum as Jupiter stations direct in your sign on the 9th. Do you remember where you’re headed? You could make it farther than you expect with surprisingly little effort right now. Roll down the windows, or break one if you need to. Let that whooshing air rush in and remind you you’re not dead yet. Don’t lose your nerve.


    Pellinore, although his name sounds like a lacy underthing, is actually a legendary British king, best known for his endless pursuit of the Questing Beast – a creature with the head of a snake, the body of a leopard, and the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a deer. In the various myths about him, we learn all of his bloodline are doomed to pursue this beast, which appears in Arthurian legend as an omen of destruction that’s linked to taboo desires. He is bound to this beast through a form of love. It is clear he will never kill it. Model yourself after Pellinore this month; love the demons you wish to kill. Recognize where you can protect the hurting, prevent future harm, and forgive the messy, demon-filled world. If you can’t ever forsake your quest, allow yourself an idyll by a glassy lake; lie down and have visions.


    Shun any paintings, decorative china plates, t-shirts, or bandanas that are decorated with skulls. Your business right now is with the living. And not the kind of frantic living evidenced by a high school punk band that manages to sound tight only because they’re all playing as fast as they can. Consider instead the Florida punk, whose life, as far as I can tell, consists of eating coconuts, swimming with manatees, and adorning themselves with occult sigils in their picturesque glittertrash trailers. Find someone to paint glyphs on your nails this month as you bask like a lizard on a rock.


    This is a year of feeling focused yet lost. Certain goals are clear, but the friendships and homes and broader world that you need to help you become the person who can meet those goals is far more of a muddle. It’s tempting to try to retrofit a life for yourself from the end goal you have in sight, but don’t fall for anything plan that’s so mechanistic. You are not on a linear course. Moreover, your greatest joys this month come not from achievement or adventure but from being of service. Who needs you right now? Where can you lend a hand?


    Repeat after me: You don’t have to be good at something to have a good time doing it. Repeat this until you believe it. All the notes you sing are the right ones. All the lines you draw are in the right place. Your moves on the dance floor are charming, however flailing or tentative. At least for this one month, place your joy in being above your joy in honing your skills. When in doubt, follow around a dog or a young child and do what they do.


    Well-known for being an inscrutable cat, you’re usually on to some kind of cool stuff that everyone else will catch up to in a few years (five or ten, or a hundred). Much of that is pure potential: ideas that have not yet been born. Theories you have yet to test. Electrical impulses that have yet to ground. This month it’s time to bring that future-tripping enthusiasm home, and work it out with someone near and dear. Who’s been waiting for your attention? What strange trip can y’all take together, without leaving the house?


    The Occupy movement ended years ago. Are you still acting as a human mic, amplifying the voice of the masses? Speak for yourself this month, and you’ll find out a lot more about the rest of the world. I know language is merely a representation of impulses and impressions that can never be truly named. I know you’re more interested in research and reflection than advancing your own theories. Nevertheless, untold joy awaits when you begin to tell your own side of the story.

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