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    Home Depot Employee Receives Death Threats Over Hat

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    Krystal Lake with her cute-ass hat

    Home Depot Employee Wears ‘America Was Never Great’ Hat, Receives Death Threats

    Sometimes you drag your ass out of bed, drive to work, clock in, and that one little thing that brings you joy during the hours of your double-shift are those cute socks or that hat you put on to accessorize your ugly uniform.

    Krystal Lake knows what we’re talking about. The 22 year old black woman wore a snapback that read ‘America Was Never Great’ on her shift at Home Depot on Staten Island. This hat design is one of many responding to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make American Great Again’.

    According to The Daily News and Gothamist, Krystal was hit with some serious hate messages and death threats after photos of her working behind a cash register wearing the cap surfaced online. Lake reportedly said she would definitely wear the hat again, despite the backlash she has experienced this week.

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