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    The Pope is All About Online Personas

    The Truancy Issue
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    The Pope is All About Online Personas

    Somebody call the Vatican, we got ourselves an immaculate conception of stardom! (Youtube)

    On Sunday, Youtube stars and movie stars alike were invited to the Vatican from across the world to meet and greet with Pope Francis. Beauty vloggers like Louise Pentland from the UK, and Hayla Ghaza, a comedian from Dubai, addressed the room of mixed company, presenting on their work building online fan bases and personal brands. Pope Francis expressed his deep sentimental relationship to internet famous folks for their ability to evangelize their viewers after watching one of Pentland’s Youtube tutorials: “I am glad that you carry out the type of work you said, following the line of beauty, it’s a great thing. To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression.”

    Pope Francis also encouraged the celebrity guests, which included George Clooney and Salma Hayek to help young people build online personalities. “You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually. From that you can start taking a path of optimism and hope,” said the pope.

    With a popular Twitter account of his own, and this growing interest in how internet fame can influence The Youth, perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a true believer.

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