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    Macy Rodman Brings Us “Violent Young Men” Music Video

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    Macy Rodman, Aaryn Lang, Third Fernandez, and Jim Cannon star in Macy Rodman's latest music video

    Macy Rodman Releases the Highly Anticipated Video for “Violent Young Men”

    Macy Rodman is the anti-final girl in her latest music video

    Hanging with her friends in a suburban home, a sleepover? Why not order a pizza? Have a slice of cake. We’re all alone and we like it that way. Let’s take another selfie.

    Macy Rodman’s highly anticipated music video for “Violent Young Men” (off of her EP “HELP”) opens like most slasher films do. Luxurious and lowkey, just a quiet night in. The house is big and empty, a lone stranger emerges from the darkness outside. Somehow they get inside the house, but now they have a knife and are The Killer. Macy draws a bath, lounging in a silk slip, she’s undressing as The Killer makes their way up the stairs. As The Killer gingerly pushes open the door, the slasher film motif and music video narrative fold into one another. We see Macy topless wearing a pink wrist watch, (stripped down if there is such a thing) and she’s singing to the camera, to us. Macy’s vocals vibrate around the visuals of The Killer stupidly looking behind the shower curtain, she screeches and harmonizes: “IF I SAY NOTHING YOU’LL KEEP RAPING ME, SO NOW ALL I CAN DO IS SCREAM ...” Macy sneaks up behind The Killer, who is wearing a ridiculous clown mask, in nothing but a mini-skirt and holding a small statue over her head. The screen goes black and the next thing we see is The Killer’s feet as if they are being dragged down a hallway.

    Macy Rodman is the anti-final girl, and in “Violent Young Men” the trope plaguing horror movies for decades gets turned on its head. The final frame of the music video settles on Macy and her friends (as played by Aaryn Lang and Third Fernandez) standing over The Killer (as played by Jim Cannon aka JX Cannon) who’s hands are tied behind their back. The protagonists are wielding weapons but we do not see the strike, and they don’t need an Arm Trans Girls or queers bash back sticker for the sentiment to make itself clear.

    Earlier this year we interviewed Macy about her latest EP. She said: “I wanted to write openly about my experience as a trans woman which hasn’t been done so much with pop.” Well, it seems to me like the “Violent Young Men” track and accompanying video are the ultimate fulfillment of Macy’s project: flirting with her pop and grunge influences like Courtney Love and Carly Rae Jepsen, while stirring up some trans antagonism of her own.

    We’re premiering Macy Rodman’s video, directed by Aceboombap and Jake Dibeler. Be sure to watch:

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