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    New Music from GEWZER: (G)LOVE(S)

    The Truancy Issue
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    Sweet and Slippery: GEWZER’s Debut Album (G)LOVE(S)

    Seize the day with GEWZER's (G)LOVE(S)

    Just released by Vancouver-based label Cyber Spa is (G)LOVE(S), the debut album from California producer GEWZER (pronounced “juicer”). More bubbly than bombed-out, the album brings together gently voiced samples (including a cute little puppy yelp) with steely sounds, floating melodies, and percussion that flows from fuzzy to crisp and back again. With tracks like “Nature’s Miracle (New Beginnings),” featuring a conversation about the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly (“its just like riding the wind, having so much fun”), and the quicker-stepping, dancefloor-ready “Trains,” it’s like a soundtrack for getting out of bed and into the the club.

    Follow GEWZER on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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