• The Woo Issue

    Melodic Rave Thrash with DJ Internet Visions

    The Woo Issue

    Melodic Rave Thrash with DJ Internet Visions “Digital Illusion GOLD” Mix

    For the "hopeless, hopeful, half-dead humans and non-humans".

    Against the bleak landscape of our present moment, DJ Internet Visions’ “Digital Illusion GOLD” mix shines bright. Exhilarating and at the same time sweetly soothing, you'll find some much needed refuge and joy in this perfectly paced “techno carnival.” Press play and pass it on.

    DJ Internet Visions tells us more about the mix:

    documentation of raves i'd like to hold with friends blasted out of cars or cell phones or old, busted tape decks in the middle of the night

    Techno carnival, gay-trance speed, metal and light installation reportage, roving sound trucks wired for melodic rave thrash

    Report 2099 Mask Magazine Edition
    Mixfile Report — Vantage Masters vs. ShōtengaiRaveSentry
    -Digital Illusion GOLD-
    [re: Digital Blast Network GOLD]

    Reasonable tempo
    Recorded tomorrow

    s/o + respect: too many to list. you know who you are! <3

    during my Boiler Room set i'll play Caramelldansen and it'll be rewound so many times and with such force it'll break five CDJs

    fuck trump. we'll make it through, hopefully, but it's too much to process right now. i love you all too much.
    for ardent homosexuals, trans and gender-and-body-is-too-much-to-think-about-rn family, black and brown folks who are bearing the absolute worst of this, autistic, depressed, anxious, shut-in, suffering, mentally ill, hopeless, hopeful, half-dead humans and non-humans. i love you all too much. i love you all too much.

    TRACKLIST (How Gold Leaf is Made)

    1. Mind Design - Absolute science
    2. Johannes Heil - Der tod (a1)
    3. Aeris - Perfect blue

    4. Technasia - Evergreen II↔Evergreen IV
    5. Resistance D - Beatrice
    6. Blackheart - ミヤコハウス。
    7. Grovestreet - Shy [reprise]
    8. Dark0 - Plasma cannon
    9. MaulanaRicky_ & RijqkaArysta_ - A sky full of stars 2014
    10. Seiho - Edible chrysanthemum
    11. 佐野信義 [sanodg] - tulip

    Keep up with Robin (Wakesleep/Datavis/DJ Internet Visions/formerly INTERNET CLUB) over on their site tilde.town/~return/, on Twitter, and on the Datavis Soundcloud and DJ Internet Visions archive.

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