• The Woo Issue

    Peripheral Gaze : Eva M. Nelson

    The Woo Issue

    Blur before vanishing.

    Peripheral Gaze

    Navy top and wide leg trousers, Ticking stripe vest and trousers by Eva M. Nelson; Vintage cream blouse

    Grey deep V jumpsuit by Eva M. Nelson; Jewelry designed by and from the vintage collection of Lucy Kilgore; Vintage silk tunic, bell bottoms, velvet blazer and suede trench coat

    'Everything Must Go' silk by Alessandra Hoshor; Crown of Thorns as arm-band by Eli Viszk; Burnt orange mesh stockings, undershirt and beanie by Eva M. Nelson; vintage white T-shirt, Leonardo shirt, champagne pant suit and skirt

    Black burlap top and olive wool palazzo pants by Eva M. Nelson; Olive wool collars by Lucy Kilgore; Vintage floral top and leather welder overalls

    Models: Kai Cherot and Brenden Flickinger.
    Photographer: Madeline Polites.
    Style: Lucy Kilgore.
    Makeup: Leah Lawrence.
    Concept and art direction: Eva Marie Nelson.

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