• The Woo Issue

    Cameos: Kai Cherot, Eva M. Nelson, and B. Flickinger

    The Woo Issue

    Cameos: Kai Cherot, Eva M. Nelson, and B. Flickinger

    We were granted a brief glimpse into the day to day lives of three people who share at least one thing in common (other than their extra sense for style). Kai, B., and Eva are all recent Mask contributors who live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. Read on to learn about our new friends’ signature looks, current playlists, and thoughts on magic. Make sure to take some of their insights with you into the cold months to come.

    Kai Cherot

    What are your handles or personal sites? Portconjunctive on Tumblr and @heauxinterrupted on Instagram.

    Where are you from? I’m from and grew up in sunny Santa Barbara, California and I live in Atlanta, Georgia now.

    What’s your signature style? Office breaux: slacks, button-up, Gucci loafers.

    Favorite item of clothing in your closet? Oh, my two-piece Prada suit.

    Do you have a body care routine? After taking a shower and brushing my teeth I begin my skin care routine:
    1. wash face with all natural black soap
    2. pat dry/apply toner
    3. apply diluted tea tree oil to face
    4. rose hips/vitamin E oil to face
    5. rub sea butter on every part of my body, except face
    6. spray Gucci cologne on, then roll out.

    Favorite snack? Mangos!

    Your playlist right now? Don Cherry, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Little Richard, and Aretha Franklin.

    What’s your sign? How’s your horoscope look right now?
    Scorpio. My horoscope tells me I’m trying to build my assets. That’s true. I’m really out here hustling, trying to get that money ya know?

    What do you dream about? I usually daydream about singing and playing soccer in the rain forest.

    Any magical experiences? One time I found a hundred dollars in a Taco Bell bathroom. That’s magical, right? And with the hundred I took my best friend shopping at Nordstrom. While shopping we met Lindsay fucking Lohan and she said, “wow, I like your top!" ~ !!!

    What are your thoughts on magic? Magic is bringing about a presence of yourself that can disarm any feelings of suspicion. I’m black - ‘inherently criminal’ - but in that magical moment I can make people forget how racist they really are. And, in my presence it feels to them like I'm giving them everything while I remain opaque - escaping their notice as anything to be noticed. Then some hours later my friends and I are enjoying a free gourmet meal in the park.

    Any winter rituals? Cuddling up with my buddies while drinking wine and watching movies.

    What do you want to do more of next year? Grow food with my homies.

    Eva M. Nelson

    Handles? Sites? evamarienelson.com, evamarienelson.tumblr.com and @eva.m.nelson on instagram.

    Where are you from? Born, raised, and currently live in Atlanta. But I do a good bit of hopping around.

    Essential care products? Coconut oil.

    Signature style? Fluid. Costume inspired. I'm interested in items of clothing or outfit types that in some way hold strong symbolism and finding subtle, aesthetically pleasing ways to play around with what they may represent. This winter I'm thinking a lot about suits.

    Favorite items of clothing in your closet? Pity Kleite silk and these sick leather boots that zip up the front that I got from Downhouse Vintage.

    Your playlist right now? Anything Stuart Kilgore is playing, he's my fave DJ. Pamela and her sons is one of my fave Atlanta solo projects. Immaterial Possessions is one of my favorite Atlanta bands. NYC based musician Via App I'm into.

    Favorite beverages? Coffee. Tall vodka soda with a lime. Cabernet. Kombucha.

    Favorite snack? Give me a jumbo jar of peanut butter with a spoon and I'm set - it's gross.

    What’s your guilty pleasure? Renting a load of shitty old horror movies and twisted costume dramas, camping out in my room for days with a jumbo jar of peanut butter.

    Your sign? How’s your horoscope look? Pisces-Aquarius cusp. Cusp of sensitivity, day of the explorer. I think this means I'm very spacey, which is true.

    What are your thoughts on magic? I don't play with magic but I often feel like it plays with me. Spooky shit is always happening, especially at night. For example, I think demons low key tell me truths while I'm sleeping, I never ask but I'm always intrigued. Also I feel like my best friends are magical and the cherubs den, where I live is pretty magical.

    Any winter goals? I just got a studio so I plan on being in there as much as possible and working on a new round of wearables. I'm also very excited for upcoming collaborations with some pretty sick people. Working on making costumes, collaborating on photo shoots, making music/ potentially being in a new band.

    What do you want to do more of next year? Travel.

    Anyone people or projects to shout out? All of my friends and people who worked on the Peripheral Gaze shoot and check out Cixious72.com.

    B. Flickinger

    Handles? @heauxinterrupted on Instagram - it's a shared account with my friend/accomplice, Kai.

    Where did you grow up? A suburb west of Atlanta. I currently live in Atlanta.

    What’s your look right now? Bald, hot pink eyeshadow, and something tied around my neck.

    Favorite snack? Probably cigarettes.

    What are you listening to now? Basically Mykki Blanco's new album on repeat.

    Do you sense magic? Magic is entering a store and leaving with objects concealed in secret. Magic is a presence moving freely. It's a technique of interaction with space and things. It's the art of conjuring worlds or expediting their emergence. Magic is what has been turned into a crime against the state, of moving with what moves me. Magic is the process of communizing space and resources. It's located everywhere the violence of our everyday lives is negated, where it's reversed.

    Winter goals? I'm working on a project now with Kai, compiling all of the writings we have made over the past year into a short zine. I'm excited about it, but other than that I'm just trying to keep making work.

    What trends do you want to see more of? I'm interested in how the movement will evolve under Trump. I don't know if anything will happen, but it's a good time to experiment with new tactics. We have met a lot of new people in Atlanta lately that are trying to get organized, which has lead to a lot of collaboration. Hopefully things pick up and give real texture to life here. I've been feeling a bit nihilistic about getting with people to think together and that is not something I want to normalize or excuse.

    People or projects you're exited about? Yeah! I have a friend Alessandra Hoshor in Atlanta that's putting out some interesting stuff on soundcloud as Pamela and her sons.

    What do you dream about? An oasis in this desert.

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