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    The Woo Issue

    Witchy Business

    Here are some of our favorite online stores for potions, herbs, candles, and other witchery.

    Many beloved occult stores may have been lost to gentrification, but thankfully we have the internet. It seems as though there are more witchy businesses now than ever. Here are some oracular blogs, stores, and stores that double as blogs!

    Mountain Rose Herbs

    Mountain Rose Herbs has been in business since the 80s. If you are interested in making your own preparations, this shop sells a wide variety of bulk ingredients, organic herbs, containers, and tools. There are pre-made starter kits, cosmetics, and medicinal supplements, too. The shop’s monthly special feature is like Birchbox for hippies. They carry a tobacco-free mullein herbal smoking blend, which is unable to ship to Louisiana for some reason.

    Homestead Apothecary

    What type of queer sorcery could one possibly be getting into with the Between the Worlds: Gender Magic Elixir? Inquiring minds would like to know. Homestead Apothecary is an online boutique based in California where they hold “happenings,” and have had quite a few, including “ear acupuncture” and “radiant human aura photography”. They’re stocked with products from multiple states and England as well, carrying a curated selection of books, tinctures, tarot cards, crystals, and herbs.

    Legend has it that before the era of “big pharma,” apothecaries were our primary care providers, using plant-based tinctures and balms that modern scientists used as blueprints to chemically synthesize the drugs most commonly used today. It’s not surprising that the upswing in popularity of shops specializing in holistic medicine is occurring during a national health care crisis.

    More Online Apothecaries:
    - Stockade Farm & Apothecary
    - Wooden Spoon Herbs
    - Fat and the Moon
    - La Abeja Herbs

    The Hoodwich — Blog & Witch Boutique

    The Hoodwich is a blog and store with an amazing Instagram account to boot. It keeps us up-to-date on major astrological events, instructs how to make occult crafts, and provides how-to guides for rituals, meditations, and ceremonies. The Hoodwitch sells tarot decks and publishes blog posts about tarot, making the occult practice available to anyone interested in learning more. When shopping for crystals from the online shop, illustrative descriptions are provided right next to the product, which makes the online shopping experience easier than walking into a crystal shop. They also have a nail polish collaboration with Floss Gloss, so your hands can glide across tarot cards in style.

    Cunning Crow Apothecary

    This Seattle-based apothecary is your “one-stop shop for all things herbal, magical and ceremonial,” with a mission “to reawaken the power of traditional magic and herbal medicine.” If you’re in the area, you can set up an appointment for healing services, or sign up to attend workshops and events. Their calendar for this month includes drum playing and dream exploration. Their Cunning Ink is perfect for writing hate mail loaded with spells. Neutralize bad smells or energy around you with their Cleansing Hydrosol. Do whatever you need to do with this pheasant wing. You can even buy your own custom herb formula by putting together a bulk order of their available herbs.

    Enchantments — “New York City’s oldest occult store”

    This place is basically the shop Lindsay Lohan’s character wandered into at the beginning of Life Size(2000), but it’s actually an apothecary and occult store in NYC’s Lower East Side that extends into the internet! Enchantments offers a variety of in-person readings, classes, and open rituals in their backyard. If you aren’t local, don’t fret, you can make your own magic. Part of their catalog is available online. (Unfortunately, their cauldrons are only available in the store.) Custom carved candles, and supplies to make your own candles, set them apart from the rest.

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