• The Woo Issue

    Watch: It's Gorgeous When You Die

    The Woo Issue

    It’s Gorgeous When You Die

    A slab of stone functions like a canvas for Gilbert’s art form.

    “It’s bizarre and creative work.”

    In the short video documentary “It’s Gorgeous When You Die: Confessions of a Headstone Maker” created by JJ Anderson and Tito Molina, monumental mason Gilbert Winnie speaks about how his headstone craft led him to consider life and death.

    “You feel like you’ve known these people your whole life.”

    Unlike many other tombstone companies today which utilize computers, Gilbert endures the labor necessary to design and carve the stones' elaborate motifs with his hands. Amid this intimate work, he cannot help but consider the people under the ground, about the meaning they may have conjured in whatever life they happened to lead before now. Just by making their stone he can almost sense their presence like an old friend.

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